Since we've gone down to one wage, I've become a bit of a bargain hunter! Lately, I've gone all 70s! The table was only £3 from a car boot sale...and the cups and saucers (set of 12) - only £1.90 for the whole set!! God love charity shops :-) 
I've been getting out my vintage 70s material to make some cute little purses too!

 As you can see, there are large floral prints everywhere at our house at the minute!


We went to Torquay's Living coasts this morning and it rocked! We saw lots of different types of animals, including penguins, seals and stingrays. Jess was fascinated by the seals who were being fed fish for their lunch! The animals were obviously really well looked after and the admission prices were reasonable! If you get a chance to go, do so! xx


We went on a trip to Totnes Rare Breeds Petting Farm yesterday! You can get there via steam train, and it takes you to this really quaint area of Totnes. Unfortunately Jess was having a bad day and screamed her way round, but I enjoyed it!! I feed lots of greedy goats, stroked some pigs and feed some really old tortoises :-) When Jess can walk, I'll take her again, but right now she's just frustrated that I have to carry her (more for fear out of what she'd do to the animals rather than the other way round!)

Speaking of walking...alas Jess isn't quite there yet but she loves using her wooden walker so hopefully she'll get there soon!